Monday, December 13, 2010

Planning for Florida

As the cold weather really starts to hit us here, I am beginning to dream of Florida again. Last year we spent 6 glorious weeks down in Ocala, Florida with five wonderful horses.

Farm 2010

My "farm family" will be taking the RV down over the Christmas holidays and I will be left here in Ontario to take care of the ponys. Now I'm not complaining about being left behind. I get to spend 4 days at the farm by myself while I'm not working my "normal" job. To me that is heaven. But I do miss out on spending 3 days in Florida. But I also miss out on a 24 hr drive with two dogs, one of which thinks he should be a lap dog all 120lbs of him, one 10 yr old boy, one 14 yr old boy, and the "folks." Is it really a loss staying home?

Florida 2010

I will be spending next weekend packing the RV with all the bigger items that we need to take down with us.

Last year I packed the nose of the gooseneck horse trailer an the bed of the truck with everything we needed. I had it PACKED let me tell you. Everything we needed was carefully tetris' into the nose of the trailer. I then added a foam spare mattress and a car dog grate to hold everything in. Life may have been easier if we were shipping four horses in our four horse slant. But we did not last year nor will we this year. One lucky or possibly unlucky horse depending on how you look at it gets to be the tack room victim. Yep that's right we ship a small horse in our tack room. That's just how we roll.

So to prevent any potential problems I'm trying to ship as much as I can down with the RV. I'm hoping only to have to ship tack, feed and buckets down with the horses.

I can't find a photo of the tack room horse last year... Too bad it was pretty damn cute!

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